Educational and professional program “AIRCRAFT FLIGHT OPERATION”

The first (Bachelor's) level of higher education
Educational degree  BACHELOR
Educational qualification: Bachelor
of Aviation Transport

Duration of training  3 years 10 months

The second (Master's) level of higher education
Educational degree  MASTER's DEGREE
Educational qualification: Master
of Aviation Transport

Duration of training  1 year 4 months

Academy is the main higher educational establishment in Ukraine which has an admittance to accomplish in full the preparation of private, commercial pilots (aircraft) with indicating rating in relevant certificate and other types of preparation.

Qualitative theoretical preparation of flight specialists for civil aviation in the academy is accomplished by highly skilled academic staff that has a great experience in flight operation and consists of experts on theoretical preparation. Initial flight preparation of cadets-pilots is executed on light and superlight aircrafts such as “NARP-1”, К-10 “Swift” and other. During senior years of studying is studied “graduating” aircraft, this can be Cessna-172, An-2, L-410, An-24/26, (depending on requirements of the branch and cadets’ preferences).

The academy provides the necessary type rating certificates and certificates on accomplishment of commercial pilot program CPL(A) with required rates to execute the instrumental flights (IR) and on multiengine aircraft (MEL) according to PART FCL-1 requirements.

Cadets’ flight preparation to obtain crew member certificate (FTO) and also introduce the rate in crew members certificate (TRTO) is secured by flight department of the academy. This flight department has relevant State Aviation Service of Ukraine certificate.

Nowadays, simulator center (flight center) of the academy provides with the possibility to secure qualitative full simulator preparation using complex simulator of training aircraft An-26B; simulator of flight aircraft L-410 (short takeoff distance); simulator of piloting aircraft An-2. All simulators are in serviceable condition and are efficiently used training process.

Necessary flight hours are obtained by means of aircraft oh the academy (К-10, NARP-1, Cessna-172, An-2, L-410, An-26), and in case of necessity – on other types of aircraft which are rented in other aviation organizations by concluding relevant lease agreements.

On successful completion of flight preparation program, cadets - pilots receive relevant CPL/IR(A) certificates issued by State Aviation Service of Ukraine. On graduating the Flight operation department, students receive the qualification “Pilot of the aircraft”, diploma concerning the higher education of state sample of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.