Educational and professional program “ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT AND
Educational degree - BACHELOR
Educational qualification: Bachelor of Aviation Transport
Duration of training – 3 years 10 months

Educational and professional program “AVIATION TRANSPORT”
The second (Master's) level of higher education
Educational degree - MASTER's DEGREE
Educational qualification: Master of Aviation Transport
Duration of training – 1 year 5 months

(based on a Bachelor's degree)

Professional training of specialists is carried out on the basis of state standards of higher education of Ukraine with the harmonization of specialized sectoral training of organizational and managerial direction with powerful cycles of economic, managerial and legal disciplines, in-depth study of foreign languages, deep assimilation and professional possession of modern information and telecommunication technologies, wide use of innovative educational technologies, effective combination of theoretical training with cross-cutting (annual) internships, including abroad, with the involvement of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical specialists (Doctors and PhDs, Professors and Associate Professors) and leading practitioners in the educational process.

Aviation organizational and managerial orientation specialist organizes regular and charter passenger and cargo air transportation, aerial works and services, aviation transport infrastructure elements’ functionality, which carry out: operational and airport activities, aircraft engineering operations and air traffic service enterprises, aircraft building operations, educational activities of civil aviation educational institutions, specialized air transportation sales organizations, the interaction of all transport types, a wide range of the customer service, ensuring the efficiency of aviation production management.

A wide profile, versatility, and a high level of professional training in organizational support and management of aviation production ensures the demand for graduates not only at the aviation industry enterprises but: in air companies, private airport management companies, handling, catering, fuel companies, engineering centers, state air traffic service enterprises, aircraft manufacturing companies, design bureaus, training institutions, and training centers of civil aviation, air transportation sales agencies, as well as in specialized transport departments of various enterprises, organizations, and institutions.